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Baby Hand & Foot Prints Impressions into Clay

One way we capture hand prints is by taking an imprint into clay.

Please call the studio on 0203 302 6138 to book your appointment, A £10 deposit will be taken upon booking and the balance due on day of appointent. 

How it works:

We will take an impression of your little ones hands and feet in our super soft clay. We then fire the clay in the kiln, finish with your colour choice, glaze and refire. We then mount and frame the clay if this has been requested. They make a wonderful keepsake or gift for display.

Clay impressions are £60 or £85 when mounted in a display box frame.


Please note, due to the process involved, it may take between 3-4 weeks for your completed item.


Furry Friends

We understand that your furry family members are just as important to you!


We are happy to take a paw casting or clay impression. Please call the studio to arrange your appointment and for further details on pricing.

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