A Little About Me

My first ever experience in a pottery café was on holiday with my then two young children. They made two mugs for my Mum and Step Dad for Christmas presents. On Christmas Day they opened their gifts and were both absolutely chuffed to bits to receive a hand made gift from their grandchildren. I was hooked by the concept from then on. I just love the idea that you could use a piece of pottery as a blank canvas to create something completely unique and a beautifully hand made keepsake.

I have personally always had a passion for arts and crafts. I have perused many craft hobbies throughout my life, fitting them around my interesting career and children but at the back of my mind I couldn’t forget the thought of, “Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a ceramic studio”.

In 2014 I started a small mobile business briningg our pottery painting sessions to playgroups, nurseries, school fairs, pop ups and birthday parties etc. Everyone constantly asked, “Where’s your studio”, and “Where can we visit you?” I was busy plotting… I had a secret board on Pinterest entitled My Dream Pottery Café filled with pictures, techniques, products that inspired me. I attended every course I could get myself on, taking leave from my then job to attend what my husband refers to as, “Pottery jollies”! I got to know other studio owners around the country who have become friends for life and found myself in an industry of wonderfully supportive, likeminded individuals with a shared passion for all things pottery. I felt inspired to have a complete career change, quit my job and immerse myself into opening my own studio. This is exactly what I did. I nervously opened the studio in 2016 and waited for the visitors to come.

Our visitors came for many reasons. We met lots of new born babies, capturing those tiny prints to keep forever. We have hosted many parties of excited children who look at you in amazement when you tell them they can do absolutely anything with their designs, giving the freedom to be creative and expressive. We have seen so many young, talented painters and grown ups some who have forgotten with busy lives, just how artistic they are. We see lots of families, welcoming the chance to sit together without electrical devices and have good, quality time together making their pieces. We also hear repeatedly about our painters feeling the therapeutic benefits of sitting calmly, relaxing and painting.

I still attend as many training sessions as I can, learning about products, new techniques and trends. I don’t really get the opportunity to paint in the studio myself these days so to sit and paint reminds me of what this is all about, that blank canvas, that idea and that amazing finished piece.

And the mugs? Well they still remain safely in my Mum’s kitchen, on the mug tree, in pride of place…